Yelp – What is it and does it play fair?

So if you haven’t heard of Yelp ( yet – let me help you out – Yelp is the biggest, hottest review service on the Internet and it can help make or break your business.  It has a fanatical group of reviewers called “Yelpers” who “Yelp” about anything they try.  If you have been reviewed, […]

Beware Facebook Snake Oil

Executive Summary: Facebook IS NOT: a great place to find new patients.  It is possible, but the cost per customer acquisition is very high and requires a high degree of commitment on behalf of the practice. Facebook IS a great place to reinforce branding, enrich patient communications, provide patient education, and reduce the comfort barrier […]

Handling negative Facebook posts…

I have often been asked what to do with a negative review, social media post, or comment.  The number one answer is to have positive opinions overwhelm negative opinions.  What’s one bad review admist 50 good reviews?  Sadly you will not serve everyone perfectly, there will be mistakes or issues at times and it is […]

At eKrum we provide various forms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) for the dental industry.  Our clients include dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, endodontists, periodontists, pediatric dentists, and many other specialties. SEO/SEM can be used to increase your exposure online, thus resulting in additional callers and new patients.  Many clients often ask […]

Dental Web Site Design – Form vs. Function.

What Goes into a Good Dental Web Site? We’ve all heard the great debate on form vs. function.  I am sure you have seen it – a famous dress designer who now has a brand name line of garden tools.  Yes, that’s a sexy looking shovel with nice crystals glued on – but how well […]

Social Media: How to best utilize it in your practice.

Fun Facts for Facebook A Social Media Guidebook for Dental Practices So you’ve decided to engage in social media and have created a Facebook page as well as a Twitter, YouTube channel – and perhaps more.  Now what? This is the step where most practices fail in properly utilizing social media.  They fail because they […]

Fun Facebook Posts for Dentists

Below is a list of some fun facts that you can post on Facebook.  These are ideas made to interest people or make them think more about oral care – and you as a business!  Read the full article here: ·         $50 billion – the amount spent on dental care annually; $100 billion – […]