The Effects of Thumb Sucking To Oral Health

We recognize that sucking is actually a natural behavioral instinct which babies and also small children have. They might make use of fingers, pacifiers, or other objects for this purpose. It especially calms down small children before going to sleep as well as it makes them feel good as well as secure during this time. […]

Dental Implants – Essentially the most Desired Restorative Procedure

Loss of tooth is rather a frequent condition among numerous people, with many losing their teeth as a consequence of tooth decay, gum disease, and inattention to correct dental and oral care. Missing teeth may perhaps contribute to a low self-confidence as well as restrict the proper functions of eating, drinking and talking.   Dental […]

Design for Dental Retainers

Do you think dental retainers have to look plain, clear and simple? Not necessarily! You want to change your mind and spread the word that personalized retainers are definitely the way to go. We believe this, so we created a website featuring an application for design that allows kids of all ages (yes adults get retainers […]

Dentist in Queens

Queens is a place in New York that has a variety of dental  facilities that a person can choose from. These amenities vary from regular entertainment and procuring services to medical care. Among the best medical care services in queens is supplied by the dentists who are there. The Dentist Queens will fluctuate according to […]

Is your practice offering deals through Groupon or Living Social?  If so, you may be breaking the law and could face consequences.  Even Dan Ellis, the vice president of Align Technology (makers of Invisalign) does not endorse these deals for Invisalign.  Here are some highlights: Ellis writes: “Because both your services and each Invisalign treatment […]

Yelp – What is it and does it play fair?

So if you haven’t heard of Yelp ( yet – let me help you out – Yelp is the biggest, hottest review service on the Internet and it can help make or break your business.  It has a fanatical group of reviewers called “Yelpers” who “Yelp” about anything they try.  If you have been reviewed, […]

SEO Pickup Lines – 3 to Beware…

Ok, so we all know there are some really cheesy pick up lines out there.  The same goes for marketing to the dental industry.  Often times the pitch has a few good key buzz words in it and promises of crazy results.  I have so many doctors who call me to tell me about the […]

Happy Halloween from your Dentist…

Here’s a video I made for my dentists to post on Facebook, feel free to embed the link on your own page or Facebook!

Beware Facebook Snake Oil

Executive Summary: Facebook IS NOT: a great place to find new patients.  It is possible, but the cost per customer acquisition is very high and requires a high degree of commitment on behalf of the practice. Facebook IS a great place to reinforce branding, enrich patient communications, provide patient education, and reduce the comfort barrier […]

Handling negative Facebook posts…

I have often been asked what to do with a negative review, social media post, or comment.  The number one answer is to have positive opinions overwhelm negative opinions.  What’s one bad review admist 50 good reviews?  Sadly you will not serve everyone perfectly, there will be mistakes or issues at times and it is […]