Design for Dental Retainers

Do you think dental retainers have to look plain, clear and simple? Not necessarily! You
want to change your mind and spread the word that personalized retainers are definitely
the way to go. We believe this, so we created a website featuring an application for
design that allows kids of all ages (yes adults get retainers too!) To create an eye
catching design for their “about to be created” dental retainer.

You may ask yourself why. Why is this really necessary?

First ask yourself why does anybody decorate anything? Ever since cave paintings,
humans want to create images & design that reflect something about them selves. In
recent years, the trend of personalizing has been on the rise. Think about ipod covers,
custom tshirts, custom minicoopers and a bevy of other products that allow the consumer to add their own personal touch to the product that they’re getting.
Dental retainers are a product, that although functional, can benefit from personalization.
When you put your own “brand” on a dental retainer that you are about to get, you
instantly create the personal connection with an otherwise inanimate object. For teens
and kids this type of connection is invaluable when it comes to compliance.

Kids and teens that are engaged and feel a personal connection to an item, meaning
ownership and they “stake a claim”; well it’s safe to say that they will take greater care
in making sure that retainer doesn’t get left behind in the trash. Most often times parents
are the ones who pay for retainer replacements…. It’s an easy come easy go situation
for the kid. Dental retainer replacements can cost hundreds of dollars, but with youth it’s
often difficult to convey the actual worth of something like this. This is where allowing
them in easy way to personalize and brand their dental retainer can go a long way in
making them responsible. To reach any young person, the best ways to make it look ”

This is where comes in. We’ve developed a web site that can be used
for free by anybody anywhere, in order to quickly create a visually appealing and
oftentimes a very” cool” looking dental retainer. We empower people and let them be
involved in the process of getting their retainer made. This makes it way more exciting,
and pretty soon you find people anticipating the retainer’s arrival, as opposed to
dreading it. Patients become proud owners of something that they have had a hand in
designing. A retainer become something to talk about and show off to friends, instead of
hiding away and trying to minimize it’s sheer existence.

In conclusion, disecting the residual benefits of having a personally branded retainer can
continue on and on. Most of all, ” kids just wanna have fun” and we have an experience
here that combines fun, design, and dental retainers.

Watch our videos, join us, share us, explore the site in 3D and check out the retainer
design application today!

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