SEO Pickup Lines – 3 to Beware…

Ok, so we all know there are some really cheesy pick up lines out there.  The same goes for marketing to the dental industry.  Often times the pitch has a few good key buzz words in it and promises of crazy results.  I have so many doctors who call me to tell me about the latest offer they have received.  As I listen on the phone my eyes roll and I am amazed how many doctors fall for the pitch.  It fits in with the Facebook “snake oil” I often blog about.  Most of these offers are for what we call “Black Hat SEO”. 

In the computer world there are forces of good and evil.  I know that sounds really nerdy – but it’s true.  We tend to call them “Black Hat” or “White Hat”.  There are black hat hackers and white hat hackers.  There are also black hat and white hat SEO firms!!!

I found a great article that I wanted to link to and give props for – here it is:

Meanwhile here’s a synopsis, beware of the following three pickup lines:

1. “We can guarantee you’ll be on the first page of Google inside of the month.”

2. “You don’t have to pay until you see the results you want!”

3. “SEO is going to be the answer to all your online marketing needs


SEO can be your most valuable tool but needs a strong foundation. 

The faster you rise in rankings the faster you can fall! 

Black Hat SEO techniques can get you delisted from Google.

…and one final quote from the article:

“White hat SEO is incredibly long-term, which means you’ll have to be a little patient. Great campaigns with a lot of potential are often cut off at the knees because site owners got jumpy and pulled the plug too soon.”

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